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Machine is a modern hard rock/alternative band from Southern Oregon. Since 2008 we have been playing covers in clubs throughout the Rogue Valley and beyond. The music we covered tended toward the harder end of the rock/alterntive spectrum. We enjoyed playing songs not ususally covered by other local bands. Songs we connected with on a gut level and could give the most heartfelt performance to.

     In early 2012 we began transitioning from cover material to writing, recording, and playing our own original songs.
 We have now made the transition to playing original music almost exclusively and released our first EP. We will be phasing out our cover shows and adding more original showcases with other local bands.

Gearhead Journal

A New Year! 

Like the fabled groundhog emerging from his burrow, Machine has awakened from our annual winter slumber.  2013 was a busy and rewarding year for us as we continue to play more orignal music.  After friends and fans carried us to the semi-finals of Last Band Standing, we were inspired to get into the studio and get some songs recorded.  As luck would have it Angel Alverez, who was running sound for LBS, was able to get us in and do the engineering.  The result was a four song EP "one" which we released on January 10th.  We are continuing to write and save up for our next recording, which we hope to finish before summer.  We are also planning many more local original shows and events and will be announcing them soon. Stay in touch!

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This changes everything...

We are very proud and happy to announce the release of our first four song ep entitled "one". Completed in the fall of 2013, "one" signifies our transition from a cover band to the band we always knew we wanted to be, though it took much longer than we anticipated. As this was to be the first example of our sound, these four songs were chosen to demonstrate the diversity of our influences and to honor our journey to this moment. Enjoy!

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